Slow Poetry in America is a quarterly poetry newsletter edited by Dale Smith, Hoa Nguyen, and Michael Cavuto. Each issue features one poet, and can be mailed anywhere in the world. Purchase an annual subscription ($10). For single issue orders, please write to

SPiA #20 (Spring 2024):
Power Lines by Alice Notley

SPiA #19 (Winter 2024):
A Wreath / For Keith by Sean McCoy

SPiA #18 (Fall 2023):
Paris Basin by Iris Liu

SPiA #17 (Spring 2023): 
Variants by Lauren Russell

SPiA #16 (Fall 2022): 
Water Crossing Numbers by Roberto Harrison

SPiA #15 (Winter 2022): 
WHAT by Robert Kocik

SPiA #14 (Winter 2021): 
Crane by Tessa Bolsover

SPiA #13 (Summer 2020): 
Six Poems from Some Girls Walk Into The Country They Are From by Sawako Nakayasu

SPiA #11 / 12 (Spring – Summer 2019):
Nervous Incomparable Dictation/ Curious Spectral Fragments by Will Alexander

SPiA #10 (Fall 2018): 
Pollinate, from dark trees by Cody-Rose Clevidence

SPiA #9 (Spring 2018): 
Góngora by Hamish Ballantyne

SPiA #8 (Fall 2017): 
Journal for Ted by Stacy Szymaszek

SPiA #7 (Summer 2017): 
Clearly Present by Cedar Sigo

SPiA #6 (January 2017): 
Five Poems from General Motors by Ryan Eckes

SPiA #5 (July 2016): 
Storm Work by Fan Wu

SPiA #4 (February 2016):
8 Poems by Joanne Kyger

SPiA #3 (October 2015): 
Sound Science: Selections by Lorenzo Thomas

SPiA #2 (June 2015):
8 Poems by Marion Bell

SPiA #1 (March 2015): 
Ground by Kim Dorman

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